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Danby Church

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This year’s course is called ‘On the Third day.’ The resurrection is the Big Story that turned a little Jewish protest movement into a world-transforming religion. And yet by Easter Monday we’ve almost forgotten about it and are planning our summer holidays.
During the course we will asking questions such as:

How can we re-capture the explosive power of the resurrection that ricocheted

around the world? 

How can we live in the glow of resurrection and be an Easter people? 

How can ‘there and then’ become ‘here and now’?

Come along to listen, learn, question and debate.

The course commences on Monday 19th February  at 7.15pm in Danby Chapel Schoolroom and runs at the same time on Mondays until 19th March. You are welcome to join us at all or any of the sessions.  

If you would like further information please contact Sally Wilson or Rev Alan Coates


These will be provided in Moorsholm Church Hall 12 noon - 1.30

on Wednesdays 21, 28 February and 1 March. Delicious! All Welcome!